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Billionaires And Super PACs Endorsing Obama

By: Kourosh Behnam
March 3, 2012

Last month, the Obama reelection team endorsed the use of Super PACs. Super PAC’s are political action committees that have the ability to raise limitless amounts of money from individuals, corporations, and unions and spend it on behalf of political candidates – however they cannot directly be in contact with those candidates.  Super PACs have become the new campaign finance tool since the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision that allows unions and corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money in federal elections.

What is interesting to note here is that Obama has criticized the Citizens United decision and the use of Super PACs.  In addition, the White House believed that Citizens United could be a political opportunity for Obama, “a powerful rhetorical opportunity to decry the influence of corporate money in politics”.  But why has he changed his mind?

The reality is, running for President is not a easy feat.  It seems that every candidate this election needs a billionaire.  The pro Obama Super PAC Priorities Action USA has raised a total of $4,459,431 in comparison to the pro Mitt Romney Super PAC Restore Our Future which has raised $36,797,202.  The billionaire behind Priorities Action USA is Jeffery Katzenberg, chief executive of Dreamworks Animation who has donated $2,000,000.

Obama has contradicted himself.  I do not agree with the decision his campaign team has made.  According to Jim Messina, Obama’s  campaign manager, “We’re not going to fight this fight with one hand tied behind are back . With so much at stake, we can’t allow for two sets of rules.  Democrats can’t be unilaterally disarmed.”  This is a big excuse to go after money.

The oligarchic influence is too powerful to deny.  These Oligarchs don’t care who wins the election.  They have bought both sides and average people will have to suffer from their decision making . They have set up a “show election” for us and Obama is part of this production.

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Oligarchs Funding GOP Candidates

By Kourosh Behnam
February 22, 2012

Do you really know who’s running for the presidential election?

One intelligent Man

One intelligent Man

Today Robert Reich shed light on a few oligarchs who are the real individuals running for the Republican nomination for president.

All of us think that Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Ron Paul are running but they are the puppets of the undeniable machine.

These political candidates are being funded by oligarchs such as Harold Simmons, William Dore, Foster Friess, Sheldon Adelson, Peter Thiel, and Bruce Kovner. I know you have never heard of these names before but these individuals are using their money to influence our votes.

Yes, Super PACs and Union’s are influencing our elections as well but the real beast are these Oligarchs!

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