Allied Organizations

John Passacantando—–Our Next Economy
Cathi Tactaquin ———-National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
Tony Clarke —————Polaris Institute
Vandana Shiva ———–Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology
Robert McChesney ——–Free Press
Thea Lee ——————-AFL-CIO
Annie Leonard ————Story of Stuff
Lisa Hoyos—————- Blue Green Alliance
Tom Goldtooth———— Indigenous Environmental Network
Don Hazen —————-Alternet
Michelle Chan———— Friends of the Earth
John Sellers ————–The Other 98%
Van Jones—————- Rebuild The Dream
Robert Weisman ———Public Citizen
Robin Beck —————
Steve Kretzmann ———Oil Change International
Colin Rajah —————National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
Michael Brune ————Sierra Club
Linda Sheehan———– Earth Law Center
Jamie Henn————–
May Boeve —————
Allison Cook ————-Story of Stuff
Cindy Wiesner ———–Grassroots Global Justice
Rose Braz —————-Center for Biological Diversity
Michael Blecker——— Swords to Plowshares
Galina Angarova ——–Pacific Environment
Robert Collier———— UC Berkeley School of Journalism
Larry Fahn —————As You Sow Foundation
Sharon Lungo ———–Ruckus Society
Robert Greenwald——- Brave New Foundation
Stephanie Bloomingdale– AFL-CIO Wisconsin
Michael Leon Guerrero— Grassroots Global Justice Alliance
Tara McGuinness ——–Center For American Progress
Jim Tarbell —————Alliance For Democracy
Derek Cressman ———-Common Cause
Victor Chaves————-United States Student Organization
Brendan DeMelle ——–DeSmogblog
Jason Kowalski ———
Kelly Blynn ————–
Steve Smith————– California Labor Federation
Lisa Graves ————–Center for Media and Democracy
Paul Cox —————–Swords to Plowshares
Tom Swan —————Health Care for America Now
Chuck Collins ———–Institute for Policy Studies
Kourosh Behnam ——-International Forum on Globalization
Angelo Carusone ——-Media Matters
Jeffrey Winters ———Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences at Northwestern ¬†University
Cathy Feingold ———AFL-CIO
Jacqueline Patterson —NAACP
Marge Baker ————People For The American Way
Steven Hawkins ——–NAACP


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