Koch Resources

Koch Brothers Net Worth
The World’s Billionaires

Profits From
– How Koch Became An Oil Speculation Powerhouse: From Inventing Oil Derivatives To Deregulating The Market
Seven Ways Koch Industries Is Monetizing The Fracking Business
– How to Reduce Gas Prices and Remove Barriers to Clean Energy: Ban Oil Derivatives
– Koch Industries, Inc – Industry Areas
– Koch Industries: The Worst Climate Denier You (Probably) Never Heard of

Media Manipulators
– The Koch Brother’s Million-Dollar Donor Club
– After Lobbying To Kill The Stimulus, Koch Meeting Attendees Guarded by Police Saved By Stimulus
– EXCLUSIVE: Koch Brothers Convene Ultra-Secret Billionaires Meeting To Raise Funds, Plot Strategy
– The Kochs Climate Change Media Denial Machine
– Koch Industries: Still Fueling Climate Denial
– The Koch Brothers Vast Right Wing Media Conspiracy

Think Tanks
– American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
– Open letter to Charles and David Koch
– The Koch Brothers: What You Need to Know About the Financiers of the Radical Right
– Cato Institute
– Koch’s Web of Influence
– Heartland Institute: A Manifestation of the Kochtopus Empire
– Could Billionaire Koch Brother’s Ruin Cato
Mercatus Center 
The Heartland Institute 

Astroturf Agents
– Americans for Prosperity Foundation
– GOP Groups Plan Record $1 Billion Blitz
– Americans for Prosperity
– Tracking Koch Money and Americans For Prosperity
– Energy Ads Flood TV in Swing States
– Koch Brothers Plan To Funnel Tens Of Millions To Conservative Allies To Influence 2012 Elections
– Koch Brothers Expand Political Operation
– Kochs Linked to $3.6M Anti-Obama Gas Price Ad Campaign 

Wealth Warriors
– American Legislative Exchange Council
– KochPac Funding of Federal Political Campaigns
– Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America
– Democracy and Oligarchy

Congressional Collaborators 
– American Crossroads
Dirty Energy Money Oil Change International 
– Scott Walker Runs on Koch Money
– Crossroads Political Machine Funded Mostly by Secret Donors
– Covert Operations, The Billionaire Brothers Who Are Waging a War against Obama
– Conservative Groups Spending Heavily in Bid to Win a Senate Majority
– Restore Our Future
– Tea Party Patriots 
The Redistricting Majority Project 


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